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Future Of Couchsurfing?

Why CouchSurfing Ambassadors Don’t Like #CSPlaces

Jasper Haenen recently expressed exactly what made him unhappy about the New CouchSurfing, and basically why there’s now no turning back. In short, CouchSurfing was far from perfect as a non-profit company but locally, it still felt like a grassroots … read more

Cruise Ship Employment


Life Of A Cruise Ship Worker: 1st Contract

For almost 3 years, I worked aboard cruise ships. I did 6 month contracts (working everyday) and saved enough to take 3-month vacations after each contract. I’m sensible with my money but I still had fun while on the ship. … read more

Travel Deals

Super Mario Skytrain

Free Bus & Skytrain Service New Year’s Eve #Canada

As they do every year, Translink is offering FREE service on New Year’s Eve beginning at 5:00pm on December 31 and running until 5:00am. Buses – will run on regular weekday schedule with some routes having increased frequency Skytrain – … read more

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What Is CouchSurfing?

Couchsurfing is now the world’s biggest traveler network. But what is it really and do you know how to use it? Couchsurfing started of as a way for travelers to connect with locals; to experience their hospitality, share cultural knowledge … read more